The Guitarest from De Oro

Below is an old publicity photograph showing me using the excellent ‘Guitarest’ from De Oro music I was delighted with the photograph but was also struck by how discreet the Guitarest is. I have always preferred to play with the guitar on my right knee, for a number of reasons:

  • The classical position made my neck ache from looking to the left.
  • Consistency when switching between a nylon string guitar and a steel string guitar.
  • Sitting up formally to play in the classical position can be a bit of hassle when I just want to grab my guitar and play whilst watching TV and having a beer.
  • Flamenco is such a powerful and essential technique for nylon string players. All those flamenco guitarists can’t be wrong!

I am 188cm tall and a footstool didn’t raise the guitar high enough. I scoured the web looking for a device that would put my guitar in a reasonable playing position. When I attached the Guitarest guitar support, the benefits were obvious immediately:

  • No backache from hunching over to reach my guitar.
  • Longer practise endurance.
  • Improved right hand position.
  • I can sit up and face my audience.
Chris Taylor using the Guitarest from De Oro
The Guitarest from De Oro